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To be able to do with someone – From Cambodia

Written by Park, Ju Sun The rainy season has come in earnest. It was so glad to start raining. There was? a shortage of water even in Ratanakiri this year. People suffered from the drought at every house and school … Continue reading

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Indonesian Girl, Rani’s Dream

“Selamat Siang! Nama saya Rani” (Which means “Hello, My name is Rani.” in Indonesian.) A story of Rani who dreams of being an English teacher. Interviewer : Sung Gun, Oh, the member of JTS Indonesia. There is a grocery shop … Continue reading

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A Letter from Florida Jacksonville Jungto Society

Sung-Sun Kim, the manager of Jacksonville JTS in Florida, and the members have conducted a campaign to celebrate Buddha’s Birthday for 2 years. The letter of Jacksonville JTS’ campaign, sent from Sung-Sun Kim, has arrived.

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