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Currently, Philippines JTS is busy conducting field surveys to build a school.

  The field surveys which have been conducted since last December finally reached the end. On March 6th and 7th, there were last field trips to make the final decision.

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Visiting Basag, the Hot Town in Philippines

Visiting Basag*, the Hot Town in Philippines – The New JTS Activist’s First Journey JTS Activist, Lee Jae-Gon “Can you tell me where I can wash my hands?” Whenever I ask something, the children in town become very shy and … Continue reading

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Water That Carry on Living or Diseases

Water That Carry on Living or Diseases I’m on my way to gather up laundries from the top roof of a building in Jivaka because it’s pouring outside. It was perfect sunny day just a few minutes ago, so I … Continue reading

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