Sujata Academy

The Sujata Academy runs a unique education program whereby the senior students contribute back to the community what they have learned. Following completion of primary education, if the students elect to continue studying they are required to teach the lower levels, from pre-schools to primary school. The middle school students are taught by the secondary level students and so forth. In addition, they also serve in the Jeevaka hospital or participate in the village development work.

Started with 120 students in 1994 with the land and labour provided by the community, a total of 700 students attend the school. Aiming to eliminate illiteracy, the curriculum is provide free of cost and the students wishing to continue onto middle or high school must volunteer in the preschools, Jeevaka hospital, and study in the afternoon. This teaches them to care for the next generation of students while learning to return what they have received from the community. We are hoping for these children to grow up to be the leaders of the community to develop and improve their community by themselves.


When Sujata Academy fist started, the students brought their younger siblings to school as there was no one to take care of them. Due to the difficulties carrying out the class, preschool was made first as a daycare centre but now has grown to 17 preschools in 17 villages. Nutritional supplements are provided for the preschoolers daily as well as fruits and vitamin supplements. The curriculm follows the India education guideline and various physical activities, musical programs, plays and bath programs are run.

Youth Shramadan School (YSS)

A youth school was started in 2001 for students who wish to attend school but are unable to due to the domestic financial difficulties. During the regular week days, they work and Saturdays are reserved for learning Hindi, English and math as needed to work in the outside. The first graduation was held in January of 2006 and total of eleven students graduated. To all graduates, construction tools and savings account were given.