To be able to do with someone – From Cambodia

Written by Park, Ju Sun

The rainy season has come in earnest. It was so glad to start raining. There was? a shortage of water even in Ratanakiri this year. People suffered from the drought at every house and school building construction. To make matters worse, the lake in Banlung had dried up.

Park, Ju SunThe construction once started in February could proceed in May by the material supply problem. First started construction in Ratanakiri last year, we had been completed without difficulty due to the accessibility to the village. But we had trouble in carrying materials this year except one among 5 school construction sites.

Construction siteWe should move materials by car for one hour, cross the river by boat and then climb the mountain by motorcycle especially in 3 school construction sites . We haven’t even started the construction in one of the villages which is 30km far from the river.

4 school constructions which couldn’t move materials by car were proceeded with mixed lumber and concrete. Even this couldn’t proceed in March and April for the lumber purchase problem.

Whenever problems occur, I had to frequently visit the village, difficult to get to, to find solutions.? That makes me exhausted. I hoped there was a co-worker to share with. Finally one volunteer came to our camp last week. He cheered me up though he didn’t start the work right away. Please support our new volunteer to get used to Cambodia!

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