Apa kabar Indonesia!

Apa kabar Indonesia!

– Let’s eat! Ramadan is finally over!

* Apa kabar is Indonesian which means “how are you?”

2012 08.20
Lim Hee Sung

I run into town people on my way to go to work like everyday. For JTS activists in Indonesia, it is the beginning of the day to say good morning to the town people at the work place. JTS Indonesia have supported kindergartens, town medical offices, and water canals in Lubu cba song, Dil la dang ky mang, and Ttyu this year. We are also planning to provide farming equipments at the proper time. We had to ask medical officials’ advice because we’ve never had any experiences to build a medical office in town before, while we had built a kindergarten and water canal last year. We are about to build a living space in the new medical office this time, so that the medical staffs can stay in for 24 hours, since the medical office is the first step for town people to get treatment. We believe that the medical office will be helpful for pregnant women and infants, who feel difficult to move to far places, after it’s completed. The kindergarten will be built with 3 classrooms just like the previous building, built in last year. I think 3 class rooms are enough to handle increasing children’s number in town. We decide to provide farming equipments, mainly the ones which can be delivered from Indonesia and are easy to be fixed by people in town. Continue reading

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JTS America, “All my children” campaign

JTS America, “All my children” campaign

JTS America CampaignJTS America has conducted fund-raising campaigns named “Building School to Children in Remote Area in Cambodia and Philippine” and “Feeding Starving Children – Sending milk and soy milk to North Korean Children” under the slogan <Please be a mother of starving children in the world> with Vancouver and America Jungto Society. Continue reading

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To be able to do with someone – From Cambodia

Written by Park, Ju Sun

The rainy season has come in earnest. It was so glad to start raining. There was? a shortage of water even in Ratanakiri this year. People suffered from the drought at every house and school building construction. To make matters worse, the lake in Banlung had dried up.

Park, Ju Sun Continue reading

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