Indonesian Girl, Rani’s Dream

“Selamat Siang! Nama saya Rani”

(Which means “Hello, My name is Rani.” in Indonesian.)

A story of Rani who dreams of being an English teacher.

Interviewer : Sung Gun, Oh, the member of JTS Indonesia.

There is a grocery shop where JTS members in Indonesia often go to, and Rani is an only daughter of the grocery shop’s family. Indonesia is matriarchal society, so Rani is almost like the only son and the eldest son in Korea. She is a nice and cute little girl. She was the kid that I talked to for the first time in Indonesia. I hope she is happy teaching English to cute little children in the future and I also hope the town, where she lives in, become more peaceful and happier in the future just like Rani’s wish.

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A Letter from Florida Jacksonville Jungto Society

Sung-Sun Kim, the manager of Jacksonville JTS in Florida, and the members have conducted a campaign to celebrate Buddha’s Birthday for 2 years. The letter of Jacksonville JTS’ campaign, sent from Sung-Sun Kim, has arrived.

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Hoping children’s dream come true with new uniforms

Yoo Jung-soo, a designer who helps others through talent donation

“I hope children can make their dream come true with these uniforms”

From this year, students of Sujata Academy in India are beginning to wear a new uniform. It is a splendid uniform with a fabulous beige jacket, check shirts, and suspenders. The one who designed this uniform is a designer, Yoo Jung-soo. We had an interview with her who just returned from study abroad and is currently at the peak of busy days as a new designer. Let’s find out what motivated her to share her talent in such busy times with what kind of thoughts in mind.

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