Emergency Relief for Philippines Durian Typhoon

Distribution of tarpulines

Distribution of tarpulines

On December 5th, the latest in a series of Typhoons swept though Philippines, resulting in landslides and over 1000 deaths.

To assist the victims of the typhoon, members of JTS Philippines and local university students from Ateneo de Naga University distributed relief items to 1200 affected families in Pandan, Cullat, and Guinobatan Barangay. They distributed food items (rice, oil), tools and tarpulines for cleaning the affected areas and emergency shelters.

Although the distribution took place about ten days after the disaster, as the selected regions had not receive adequate relief items from the government (1kg rice, 2 instant noodles) the relief items supplemented their needs. The university students gave tremendous help, with 40-50 volunteers who helped to make the relief item package set.

Distributed relief items

1) Shelter Needs: 200 tarp, blanket 400, shovel 150, clothing 1600 PCs
2) Food Items: Rice (13ton), Canned Meat (6500), Cooking oil (1300L), Vinegar, Soya Sauce, Sugar, Coffee (1300 set)
3) Cooking Utensils: Wok (1300), Pot (1300), Ladle (1300), Plate (6500)

Distribution Date (Bicol Province)
Dec 16, 2006: Cabusao Municipal Pandan Barangay – 309 families
Dec 17, 2006: Cullat, Guinobatan – 935 families


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