Java Earthquake Relief Assistance

On May 27, 2006, the city of Bantul and Jogjakarta province of Java island in Indonesia was struck with an earthquake of magnitude 6.2 that caused 6000 casualties, 75,000 injuries and over 500,000 refugees. JTS responded with a nationwide street fundraising campaign on 29th and dispatching its emergency relief team on the same day.

While the relief team set out for the survey, the nationwide campaign was expanded to the overseas chapters of JTS.

JTS coordinated its relief activity with students from the Economic faculty of Gadjah Madah university, Hikmabudhi Buddhist Student Association and the Buddhist Education Centre (BEC). Its area of focus was Klaten district, where the degree of damages were less than Bantul area, the epicentre of the earthquake but also receving less attention from the aid community.

JTS supplemented the tremendous efforts put forth by the local community members who sought out earthquake victims to deliver food aid, household items and temporary shelter materials. With its partners, we distributed tarpulines, blankets, plastic matting, and tools sets (1 per village, including shovels, hoe, saw, boots, crowbar, buckets) to 1800 families in 35 villages.


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