2006 North Korea Flood

Street Campaigns for North Korea Flood Victims

Street Campaigns for North Korea Flood Victims

In July of 2006, torrential rain poured down on the Korean peninsula, resulting in severe damages to both South and North Korea. However, the damages sustained were at the opposite ends of the spectrum. With its barren mountains (trees logged for firewood) and weak building/dam structures, North Korea suffered catastrophic damages with heavy casualties.North Korea suffered more than 50,000 deaths and the loss of more than 100,000 tons of grain production.

Five shipments were made from South Korea and China. As the first civil society to send shipments of relief goods to North Korea, JTS led to create a momentum to help North Korea, with other Korean NGO following, eventually leading to the announcement by the South Korean government to send humanitarian assistance to the North.

JTS Relief Items Shippment to DPRK

1st Shipment (Aug 3): Inchon, S Korea -> Yangduk (Southern Pyongan), DPRK
Flour (100 ton), Instant Noodles (1250 boxes), Clothing (11,000 pcs), Flipflops (2200 prs), Socks (5400 prs), Candles (2600 pcs)

2nd Shipment (Aug 4): Dandong, China -> Shinyang/Sungchun (S Pyongan), DPRK
Blanket (4700 pcs), Bowls (20,000 pcs), Kitchenwares (3000 sets)

3rd Shipment (Aug 9): Inchon, S Korea -> Shinyang (S Pyongan), DPRK
Flour (100 ton), Shoes (2200 prs), Medicine (6 boxes)

4th Shipment (Aug 14/16): Dandong, China -> Yangduk, Shinyang (S Pyongan), DPRK
Blanket (10,000 pcs), Shoes (20,800 prs)

5th Shipment (Aug 24): Inchon, S Korea -> Yangduk, Sinyang, Sungchun (S Pyongan)
Flour (500 ton), Medicine (18 boxes)

5th Shipment of 500 tons of flour

5th Shipment of 500 tons of flour

Emergency Relief Shipment from China

Emergency Relief Shipment from China

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