Emergency Relief

Since 1999, JTS has been using its resources to dispatch relief teams to deliver assistance to those who were struck by disasters, natual or man made. With growing concerns of increasing frequency and strength of natural disasters attributed to climate changes, 2006 was a year that demonstrated that recovery efforts following disasters always require a prudent coordination between the international agencies, local government and local groups such as schools, civil societies as well as the victims themselves.

2005 Pakistan Earthquake

2005 Pakistan Earthquake

Natual calamities tend to strike the most vulnerable group of people in impoverished regions of the world. However, acknowledging the criticisms given to the relief agencies who run the risk of demolishing the local intiative and capacity to help themselves, we alway work with the victims of disasters in our intervention to bring their livelihood back to normal. In addition to working with local groups, we recruit local volunteers and cooperate with local religious groups and university to tacke the task of reclaiming the lives of the disaster victims. Moreover, adhering to the internationally accepted disaster response standards such as the Sphere Project, all of our relief supplies are purchased locally.

JTS has provided assistance in the following disasters:


Philippines Durian Typhoon: Food, tarp, blanket, tools, clothing to 1200 families
North Korea Scarlet Fever Epidemic: Penicillin (400,000 units)
North Korea Flood: Flour (700t), medicine, clothing
Indonesia Java Earthquake: Tarp, Blanket, Tools for 1800 families in 35 villages


Pakistan Earthquake: Blankets/tarp, cushion, sleeping bags, flour/oil in 8 villages
USA Hurricane Katrina: Provision of emergency recovery fund
India Tsunami (Tamil Nadu): Disinfection, medical service, communal kitchen, 47 recovery & clean up volunteers dispatched
Sri Lanka Tsunami: Tarp, household necessities, stationeries to 1000 families, re-construction of preschools (12 villages)


Iran Bam Earthquake: Stationeries and utensils (20 schools & 400 students)
North Korea Train Explosion: Medicine (antibiotic/penicillin), utensils, blankets, flour (100t)


Iraq Bagdad: Disinfectant spray & construction of waste incinerator
Afghanistan: Food assistance & education program in Panjwayi IDP camp (continued to 2005)


India Gujarat Earthquake: Kids camp, medical service, stationeries and utensils


Mongolia Cold Wave: Flour(36t), winter clothing (16t) for 900 families)
India Bihar Flood: Tarp, clothing, house reconstruction
Kenya/Ethiopia Drought: Observer at UNICEF


India Orissa Cyclone: Medical service, house reconstruction, educational supplies and household items